Out of Breath by Terry White

Terry White’s newest work collects stories published within the past decade in various online and print journals. The stories range from personal reflections of growing up in Ashtabula, Ohio through fictionalized characters at various points of absurdity or crisis in their lives to pieces of flash fiction designed to capture a defining moment in a character’s life.  He gives us a range of finely wrought characters in situations both horrifying and enlightening.  His courage to tackle the broader themes of the human condition is palpable.  Praise for White’s other work includes this, by Richard H. A. Blum, The Mexican Assassin & Cornelius, Bishop of Antioch “In Haftmann’s Rules, it is more than a murdering novel . . . [It is] Dostoevsky on murderers’ cell block.  Most die, but that is God’s solution, and he is incognito.  The loneliness is so poignant, pervasive that the thump of bodies hitting the floor is its secondary sound.”