A Sock Full of Holes by Jacob Snodgrass

Sock full of holes #2Snodgrass’ writing careens between the caterwauling of desperate souls in the fever of rutting to moments of perfect silence and contemplation.  The command of his material is sure and he is unafraid to develop themes atop such disparate muses as Squeaky Fromme, drunken nights, and the legacy of wartime atrocities.  There are plenty of laugh out loud moments within these stories, as they arise from the humor of the situation and of the character’s misspent lives.  The plots crackle with originality as the characters lead us through what at first feels like the edges of a collapsing society, but as the stories tumble through your consciousness you begin to believe you might be standing smack in the middle of an alternate universe or in a trash-strewn berm of a marginal road slicing through your own neighborhood.  Coming in May of 2014.