Citi by RA Washington

“During the 30 years CITI (2)I was active in politics I would read novels to relax, to reflect, or to just imagine myself anywhere other than in City Hall.  I ain’t never read anything as honest, imaginative and utterly scary as CITI.  At first I thought it was about me; shit, where has this guy been?”

-Mike White. Former Mayor of Cleveland

RA Washington’s new novel, CITI, simultaneously explodes and expands our notions of gender, race, identity, and storytelling itself.  Structured in vignettes that are by turns metafictional, narrative, and philosophical, the novel achieves a unified and electrifying effect.  Washington is equally fluent in the argot of the street and the lingo of postmodernism.  He can write a sentence that lures you in its effortless grace, and he can jar you to wakefulness with abrupt dissonance.  This is a beautifully brazen and important novel.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

-Okla Elliott, author of The Cartographer’s Ink and From a Crooked Timber

CITI is Washington at the peak of his powers, its poetics achieve a frenzy that left me holding my delusions at bay.  I thought I changed, only to realize at its beautiful end that I never was in the first place.

-Mark Cronin, author of Gigantic Failures